I am so excited to introduce ‘The Well’ to our community here in Las Cruces, NM.  We began Thursday, May 4th at 7:00 p.m.The concept of The Well is not new but rather taken from ancient times.  The women were responsible for gathering water for the daily needs of drinking, bathing, cleaning utensils and clothes.  If you were a middle-class woman you would go to a communal well to retrieve water. Typically, the women would go to the well in the early morning or late evening when it was cool. While the women drew their water they also gathered to visit.  It was a time to catch up on the day’s news and to reconnect with others. This is part of the concept we are bringing forward to 2017, a place to gather and connect with women from all over our city.  It doesn’t matter which church you attend or if you don’t have a church at all.  Everyone is welcome to come and gather.

The second part of this concept involves the specific location where these women would gather. A well.  In order to get water, they had to draw it to themselves.  John 4:1-26 refers to it as living water.  Jesus offers a woman from Samaria this living water to quench her true thirst and at first she perceives that she will never have to come back to the well again.  As Jesus continues speaking, her eyes are opened to the reality of what he truly offers; eternal life. Today, Jesus offers that same power to rehydrate, replenish and nourish our souls with Living Water.  So, our purpose for ‘The Well’ is two-fold; a gathering place for women and a place to draw on Jesus to satisfy our thirsty souls.

How fitting is this for us as we live in the desert? We have been in a drought for years.  We know what it’s like to have desert landscape in our front yards rather than grass.  We understand irrigation opportunities are scarce so we need to drill wells in order to get water. We understand this analogy as some of us rely on the water in order to produce crops or to have green grass and trees flourish.

Life has a way of bringing us to a spiritual desert.  For some, you have tasted the sweetness of Living Water but it’s been awhile since your last drink.  For some, souls are heavy and emptiness continues to invade.  No matter where we stand our spiritual thirst desperately cries out.

The Well is a


prepared to,

rehydrate and


our souls.

We will meet the first Thursday of each month. The atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming to anyone young or old, churched or unchurched.

Bring a friend and come check us out.

Come to The Well and quench your thirst!