It’s been one full semester with my three boys in their perspective schools. Early mornings begin with breakfast and “I love you…” Then out the door they go. They are launched no matter how rusty, tarnished or polished their spiritual armor may be. Minutes turn into hours as they are now interacting in the public school arena. I’m often asked, “How is it now that you’re not homeschooling?’ Without hesitation, “I’m free!! I LOVE not homeschooling my kids.” But, before the unsaid conclusions begin to form, let me unpack that statement.

I loved homeschooling. No, I promise I did not contradict myself.  Thirteen years of homeschooling constantly changed as the boys grew older. While they were young I thoroughly enjoyed our time together. I loved being able to bring the world to them through nature, traveling and books. I loved teaching them about God. My God. I wanted so desperately for God to be real and exciting to them. I wanted them to know His Presence. The truth of God burned in my soul. I wanted my kids to know that this gospel thing is serious stuff. Real stuff. I did cartwheels to bring this truth to my boys. I would not trade one minute of homeschooling. For God’s fingerprints have been placed on my boys’ hearts for eternity.

Within my home, I not only had the privilege to teach my boys, I too was growing and learning through the Word. God actively taught me purpose, passion and unfolded my gifts. The Lord began to mold me by taking my doubt and insecurity and replace them with trust and security. He taught me to love unconditionally, to learn discipline, and to teach with passion about the One who first loved me. As the years passed by, my desire to share His Word grew stronger, so much so, that my heart constantly yearned for more.

The last three years spurred a struggle within me. While I saw the benefits of homeschooling, our family dynamic outside of school was constantly changing and the demands required of me grew exponentially. I often felt overwhelmed and depleted.

Recently, with some reservation, but complete faith and confidence in God I knew my boys were old enough, and ready, to be launched into this world. It was time for them to spread their wings, not only in education, but also in spirituality. It was time for them to engage our culture and to stretch their spiritual muscles.

So, my season of homeschooling has come to a close. And now, I move on to see how God will have me serve Him. This is where my freedom begins. I am free to engage each of my boys individually, listening, counseling and guiding them in the decisions they make outside our home. I am free to be with my husband when he just wants to spend time with me. I am free to enjoy my family with out thinking about tomorrow’s lessons. I am free to sit with the Lord and soak in His Word without a watch to dictate my time. I am free to administrate a Bible study or attempt to write my own. I am free to obey His calling, whatever it may be.

I am so thankful the Lord caught me before I succumbed to the heaviness of all this potential bondage as Galatians 5:1 reintroduced itself “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.”   Praise God that we can stand free in Him. Praise God that Freedom frees.

My life’s work has shifted from the backyard to the public school yard and that is good. On this new stage I am free to do His will and purpose He has planned for me. Now, please note that I am speaking for my family and myself. I am in no way admonishing those who steadfastly choose to home school throughout high school. Each family has their own relationship with God and each do as God directs. I am so excited that He has moved me from preservation to exhilaration to live and love through Him in this next season of life.