I can’t believe it’s been one month since our Awaken 2017 Women’s Conference.  What an amazing weekend
of renewal, awakening and purpose!  If you missed our weekend, I provided a  few snapshots for you.  Friday night, with finger foods in hand and a soft murmur of conversation everyone found their seats as Terry and her girls led us in worship to prepare our hearts and our minds for an evening of revival.

Nineteen churches from across our valley were represented. We also had several women who had not seen the walls of a church for some time but with courage and boldness they came.  We all shared an interest and desire to be Awaken to the God of Hope.  Our teaching came from Ezekiel 37 herewe identified that the dryness of our soul is a result of our own hopelessness.  Perhaps we have relied on yesterday’s faith to get us through today. But in reality we have only cheated our faith leaving us a little less hopeful.  As we open our hearts to the Lord, He is the one who turns our hopelessness into hope, our brokenness into restoration and our hurt into healing. This happens when we choose to listen to the Lord.  When we study the Scriptures and yield to His authority rather than our own.  When we do what He wants, rather than what we want.  We were reminded that no matter how hopeless we sometimes feel we are not alone. God got it in the valley of dry bones and He gets it with you.  This is why He provides a way to find hope.  Our Hope.  He came in human form many years ago.  Jesus came and conquered death so that we might have hope.  Hope that would fill us, awaken us and jolt us up out of spiritual slumber to impact the Kingdom for His glory.  Jesus is our hope. Friday night we stood as a vast army ready to be awakened out of spiritual slumber and into service for Him.

Saturday morning we were physically awakened with a hot beverage bar. Yum! A quick workshop led us into our second session on purpose.  As God awakens, He also directs.  He has a purpose for each of us.  We are purposed to delight in Him.  To love Him with all of our heart, soul and mind. (Matt 22:37). This inward love and commitment to Him overflows outwardly as we make decisions and progress throughout life. He also creates us for purpose.  And while we can get wrapped up in trying to figure out what that purpose might be, it is important to remember a few things.  If you are seeking the Lord, loving Him with all your heart, soul and mind, if you are delighting in Him and being obedient to what He has placed in front of you today then you are in His purposes and living out your purpose. Part of your greater purpose is to discover your strengths.  He has given each of us talents.  Some of us may have more than others but it is our responsibility to nurture these talents into strengths.  Once we know our strengths we can ask ourselves another question that will steer us in a direction toward our purpose.  This question transcends the different seasons of your life. Whether your changing diapers, running kids from event to event, working outside of the home, if your retired, ask this question over and over again.  WHAT BREAKS YOUR HEART? Until we figure out what breaks our heart and what our strengths are our purpose will be misaligned.  But once we know our strengths and what burdens us we can allow for the two to collide, revealing our purpose.  This purpose will be an avenue to pass on your faith, to share the love of the Father and to further His Kingdom.

While I’ve included a few highlights of our sessions I’m closing with what others said about our time together.  It was a super sweet weekend.  Thank you Las Cruces!

“I truly believe the faithful prayers of your warriors broke a stronghold in my marriage.”

 “I have an increased focus and awareness, watching to see what God is doing and asking Him to help me see others and my community through His eyes. A refreshed perspective.”

“In the second session on purpose the question, ‘How often do we get caught up in the wrapping of life but fail to capture the gift of God?’  This has powerfully resonated with me as I must be alert, aware and watchful of all He is doing!”

“Completely convicted about how I’ve cheated my faith, my God.”

 “Clearer understanding of our strengths and our burdens reveals our purpose so that I may be used for God’s glory.”