This ministry has been a growing passion of mine for many years. God has continued to guide and direct for the timing of this and it’s finally here! I pray that this may be a place where you will find encouragement, become equipped and able to excel in your relationship with our King and with others through the Scriptures. While this ministry is directed toward women, in no way are we limiting our audience. If you are hungry to grow, learn, or revive your barren heart this may be the place for you. Take a peek and allow the Spirit to guide you through knowing Him more, loving Him better and living more fully through Him.
Daughter of the King Ministries is birthed out of my own testimony. If I had one word to describe my entire journey with the Lord it would be the word love. You see, my parents divorced when I was young, devastating not just the parents but also, the kids. My dad, who I thought the world of, was gone. Thousands of miles would separate us and as a child I often wondered if I was really loved, never felt like I belonged. I struggled with feeling like I was sore thumb that stuck out. I would wrestle, fight and seek to understand the Lord more in my juvenile way of doing so. This thread of insecurity would dictate how my relationships were formed, which ones I stayed in and which ones I would not.

My freshman year of college God moved in my life in a profound way. He dumped me upside down and shook me out. He replaced the hurt, anger and loneliness with His love. This love changed my life…and I became a new person in Christ filled with His love. Amazing. I finally belonged. I belonged to Jesus. I became a daughter of the King. Shortly after my conversion came the inversion of His love from studying the Scriptures. Oh, how I love to study His Word! The more I study the more I fall in love with Him.

This happened over 25 years ago and the Lord still has me leaning into His truth that He loves me. The day He poured love into me was the day I was purposed to show it, live it and give it. I have been married for 21 years. God has used my marriage to continue to carve into me and what it means to love and forgive especially when it hurts. Marriage has been the most difficult thing I have done and thankfully God’s grace has continued to meet me there. I also have three boys who I had the privilege of homeschooling for 13 years. God has used them to continue to refine me and keep my need for Jesus real too.

How do you reconcile this fallen world that is filled with hurts, disappointment, and hopelessness? Yet you are taught that Jesus loves you and wants the best for you? Understanding who you belong to and who you are in Him begins the journey of understanding refinement. In moments of uncertainty, when the lies began to seep in there is real hope and comfort. In Ephesians 1, it states the truth that extinguishes flaming arrows. This chapter outlines the truth of who you are in Christ. You are blessed (v.3), chosen (v.4), predestined (v. 5), adopted (v. 5), loved (v.4-5), accepted (v. 6), redeemed (v.7), forgiven (v.7), lavished with grace (v.7), enlightened (v.8-9), purposed (v.9), sealed (v. 13), given an inheritance (v. 14), and assured (v. 14). You are all these because God loved you so much to send His son to die for your sin. You and I nailed our Savior to the cross because of our sin and because He loved us so much, He atoned our sin to make us His. We are so undeserving of this amazing grace, yet He freely gives.

You too, have a story. A story that I pray includes being a child of the King. Can you imagine what it would be like to be a daughter of an earthly king? Not only would there be glamour but also a privileged responsibility. Jesus is our glamour. He’s the one who’s made it possible for us to be in relationship with God the Father. With Jesus’ blood covering us, we can stand as righteous before God. Imagine, God standing in His throne room. You appear in His presence. He stands up, leaning toward you reaching out his hand, gently welcoming you into His Kingdom. He places a white robe on your shoulders signifying you’ve been purified, cleansed from sin. When you become His he offers you an inheritance. An inheritance that is rich with mercy and grace. He gives you His Word to read and to grow in a relationship with Him. He gives you the best of the best to live a life fully in Him. This is our privileged responsibility. To know Him through His Word brings such delight as you are precious and honored in His sight and He loves you (Isa 43:4). You belong to Him, Isaiah 43:1 confirms, “I have called you by name; you are mine.” Hallelujah! And praise Jesus!

As a daughter of the King, your identity is secure. Your purpose is laid before you. You know that you belong to the King of kings. All of this is beautifully wrapped in His amazing love. No matter the hardships, the turmoil, the brokenness or despair, in the past or that is yet to come, Jesus will sustain you. This ministry is real life. It is coupled with His Word to encourage and equip you. It is to learn to use His Word as a sword to combat the arrows of life and glorify Him.