What has happened to September?  For us it has flown by much like trying to catch the wind within our grasp.  We are trying to enjoy every minute but wow! It’s been busy!

In between rushing to a football field or to a soccer field I have a sweet little distraction found in my 3-month-old German Shepherd.  She has been a blast!  The other day I refreshed her water bowl.  She was excited to see the water sloshing when I set the bowl down, for anything that moves is fair game for fun these days. She saw rolling objects within her water as the ripples moved to and fro across the bowl.  She began to bite the ripples only to be met with frustration as the water trickled out of her mouth.  So, she brought in bigger forces to conquer the ripples…her giant paws.  She tried and tried to hold down the ripples so she could grab them with her mouth but all attempts were unsuccessful.  She was frustrated as I sat and watched her effort in which all amounted to a sloppy mess.  She was drenched with water and my porch became a hazardous area as water puddles lay everywhere.  The water in the bowl?  Gone.  She took care of the ripples to get every one of them out

As I sat and watched this play out I could not help but realize that often I too do the same thing. How often do I make messes of things because I have been careless with how I go about relationships or activities? Time when I need to keep my mouth closed and allow silence to penetrate rather than my own opinions.  The times I want perfection from my boys when they are needing grace to learn. Grabbing for what’s good for today does not sustain for the best of tomorrow. Really, this is about my way rather than God’s way and all of these result in creating a little more chaos in our already busy life.

Such a reminder that the things of this world will pass away.  Isaiah 40:8 tells us “The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God stands forever.”  Focus. Look at the bigger picture.  The Lord is what matters most.  As our focus is on Him and His Word how much will the moments of unnecessary frustration relax?  It might mean taking a deep breath to rely on the Holy Spirit’s guidance before speaking or to take time to process what needs to be said or having the grace to extend to all.  All of these require what stands the test of time and gives priority to our tomorrow; God’s nourishing Word.

While Sadie was unsuccessful in her mission to capture the ripples, she was successful in her mess.  Life is messy, there’s no way around it.  But when we allow for the Scriptures to penetrate our walks the messiness will no doubt be seasoned with love and grace.  And that’s the story to tell.  So, while we laugh at a puppy making a mess, we can turn and know that God’s grace is enough to swallow our mess and bring beauty through it.

Here’s to my mess and yours; laying it at the feet of Jesus.