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This ministry has been a growing passion of mine for many years. God has continued to guide and direct for the timing of this and it’s finally here!
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Liane initiated and is our speaker for the Awaken 2017 women’s conference. Only through our awakening can we pursue and obtain the purpose that God has for us.


The team’s passion for Las Cruces has grown with time to see the need for believers to thrive in our homes, workplaces, and city.


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Our King Is Risen

This weekend we will celebrate our Risen King!  No other holiday commemorates greater significance and meaning as without Him conquering death we would have no hope.  The celebration of the birth of the Christ child would be meaningless without His death and...

A Word from The Well

What has happened to September?  For us it has flown by much like trying to catch the wind within our grasp.  We are trying to enjoy every minute but wow! It’s been busy! In between rushing to a football field or to a soccer field I have a sweet little distraction...

Handling Hurt to Heal

As a senior and a 300-meter track runner, nothing would stand in my way from qualifying for the upcoming state meet…except one hurdle.  I prepared my mind for this race. My long spikes would aid my footing and grip on the dirt track.  The gun fires and off we go.  My...

An Attitude of Forgiveness

By nature, I’m not a forgiving person. Now I’m not talking about a onetime offense.  That’s much easier to forgive. Where I struggle is when the same offense happens over and over.  As a matter of fact, if I had it my way I would resort to retribution as a way of...

The Well

    I am so excited to introduce ‘The Well’ to our community here in Las Cruces, NM.  We began Thursday, May 4th at 7:00 p.m.The concept of The Well is not new but rather taken from ancient times.  The women were responsible for gathering water for the daily...

Awaken Highlights

  I can’t believe it’s been one month since our Awaken 2017 Women’s Conference.  What an amazing weekend of renewal, awakening and purpose!  If you missed our weekend, I provided a  few snapshots for you.  Friday night, with finger foods in hand and a soft murmur...

From Homeschool to Public School

It’s been one full semester with my three boys in their perspective schools. Early mornings begin with breakfast and “I love you…” Then out the door they go. They are launched no matter how rusty, tarnished or polished their spiritual armor may be. Minutes turn into...

Coming Soon!!

New Bible Study this fall on Hosea.  Stay tuned for time and place.